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The assigned executor

The slave is given to the appointed executioner for better execution of punishment.

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Female submission in black and white

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The female sumission viewed in black and white. I thought of creating a blog with all the material that exists on BDSM in this tone. But I’ll settle for now, to publish this selection of beautiful images of submissive women in black and white.

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Their place in the world…

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The walk to the chair, is the longest journey a spankee should go when she knows what their place in the world.

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Stay Fit or Get Hit

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Tracy Sweet has been at the farm for days and she is starting to become restless. I can’t have her running off and I need to keep her in top shape. That means she’ll be forced to train under my whip today, worked to exhaustion and then tied so tightly she is completely helpless. It […]

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Spanking outdoors on a gray day

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