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Pretty demure school girl spanked naked otk Shy teen forced to drop her panties and stick out her lovely ass for the cane Hard wooden paddle meets soft quivering cheeks Strict corner time for innocent looking babe with heavily welted bottom

Spankings sunset

My beauty wife charlotte brings me fond memories of our first session of spanking at home. This time, an exciting flogging session during sunset

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Now you will know what is good.

Now you will know what is good. This is an expression I’ve heard a few times as a child.

before belting

In this scene, the remove her belt and a brunette observes indifferent. The punishment comes, will be for her? I hope that Spanker publish this cute scene on Spanking Gifs!

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Ready for belted

ready for belt

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Thoughts of a spanker…

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Thoughts of a spanker… No matter what set of lingerie that she chose for the special night. He is thinking if is the appropriate time to remove her panties and flog her ass hard. Thoughts before spanking…

before spanking

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Spanking Fun – Who is more scared?

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Who is more scared? – The big ass lady or hair brush?

Who is more scared

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