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A la carte caning… The longer rod.

This session was held in the garage of my house. Charlotte was tied to the ladder and headphones connected to the cellphone received a call from a friend of ours. Master to, living at the 300 KM.

Plugged and caned at garage

The Master explains in detail that would put a cap in your ass hole, and them she receive 10 good cane strokes on her wet ass!

caned at garage

At the command of “DAME” she received each of the bumps on your bare ass. When she said “WATER”, I give soak her butt and legs with ice water! And when she said “bitch” I took these photos and sent it to our friend whatsapp to control!

caned at garage

The experience was great for the three !. Here are some photos taken with the cellphone!

After caning

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Master of the shooters

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master of the shooters
From: Chross

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Hidden Camera Spanking Video

Amateur wife spanked being hidden camera.

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The St. Andrew’s Cross

The heat of the weekend and the long wait to see us were combined in a special evening with a whipping outdoors. The fear that the neighbors can see her naked body, tied to the wooden cross and receiving a hardest whipping

The St. Andrew’s Cross

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Brutal Caning By Lupus Spanking

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Via : Lupus Spanking from Spanking Gifs

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