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Femdom domination “Historia de O”

Posted by Enzo under bdsm, Whipping

Story of O is a classic soft-core erotic genre based on possession, loving submission and unconditional love. Based on the novel by Pauline Reage. This is a nice scene from this movie take from: Córdoba BDSM
Femdom dominacion Historia de O

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Blonde girl gagged and spanked by other fem

Posted by Enzo under bdsm, Bondage, Discipline, Femdom

blonde girl gagged and spanked by other fem

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Hentai Torture

Posted by Enzo under bdsm, Drawings, Femdom, Whipping

Hentai Torture punished Slave wooden horse pony Porn!
Hentai Torture

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Ashley Lane: Fun Time

Posted by Enzo under Spanking

Extreme original device bondage using custom wood and steel restraints. Submissive women are subjected to humiliation, pain play, and sex. Weekly updates, forum, and archived content from 2006 until the present.

bondage BDSM

This metal bit gag might be Ashley Lane’s new best friend. Sexy and fit, this slut is a screamer. She has to bite down hard to keep from going completely to pieces. She has a hot body and he loves to play with it in all kinds of wicked ways. It isn’t just inflicting pain that makes him happy and makes her shriek. Even pleasure can be overwhelming if he takes the time to overload her enough.

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What tools he has on hand may look simple but they are vicious. The thin, rubber hose stings like hell when it snaps back across her body or he whips her with it. These things are awful again her smooth, pale skin. They leave bright red lines across body that are going to turn to the soft black and blue bruises that she loves to play with while she diddles herself and thinks of today.

Pain makes her horny. Her pierced pussy is dripping wet. O.T. inserts a massive dildo and her cunt greedily accepts it. She loves the feeling of being full almost as much as being beaten and vibrated. Biting down against the bit gag, she still screams out her orgasms.

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slow motion caning

Wonderful caning slow motion.
slow motion caning

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