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Amateur belting ass for an obedient wife

Before you head to work this morning! She is such a good girl From: Expanding the limits

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Bad girl gets exactly what she needs

Spanking OTK From Girls Boarding School

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DIY Spanking Machine

Posted by Enzo under bdsm, Photos, S&M Toys, Spanking, Videos (No Respond)

I’m making spanking machine and show it The pictures: A litle preview video:

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Outdoor OTK

Charlotte receiving spanking over my knees in the backyard You can see the first video from this session here: Outdoor spanking OTK And if you like, take a look to the pics from Charlotte’s tumblr blog: I’m Spankee

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Caning lesson

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This is a little video we made to share with you. Spanking with cane on bare ass charlotte.

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