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Belting in 4 steps…

It is essential to take precautionary measures before implementing a punishment. Measurements are very Important paragraph to get the correct distance and the impact place! Speed ​​and intencidad variables are ones that can be played! The aftercare! And the result!!!

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The next day…

For the next few days her butt remember her 35th birthday gift.

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Caning on TV

Last night we celebrate the 35th birthday of my spankee wife Charlotte. On the occasion of the celebration, she receive 35 strokes of caning over her bare buttocks. We broadcast the event for a couple of friends who could not be present for this special day. On live from IP camera for our friends and […]

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Cute ass of Charlotte under discipline

Domestic discipline for the pale ass of my cute wife Charlotte. Bare ass caned on the livingroom.

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Crushed by the belt

Charlotte Has Been Awarded with an exemplary punishment. This time her bad behavior translated like her burning ass.

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