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Caned buttocks on TV

My spankee wife watching her own caning on TV…

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Selfie spanking pics

A selfie of her ass whipped for friends… On social networks era, the “spanking” and “BDSM” lifestyle can keep up. We must go hand in hand with new technologies. This girl know it!. Like you can see, she likes spanking and for this simple razon, share her bare ass spanking with a selfie to her […]

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Amateur flogged ass

Amateur whipping with flogger home, tied to the bed and photographed after receiving spanking naked and tied to bed

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Watching here own caning

Charlotte is watching her own bare buttocks beaten with cane. You can see more from this scene and the comments from she on her blog: I’m Spankee. It was hard work organizing the place. Prepare the TV and the two chambers in the place to which the image look good. This is what we can […]

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Belted french student

Amateur couple in BDSM belting session. Via : Spanking Videos

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