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Punished over the couch

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The efforts she gets are not enough, still has much more spanking training ahead… We remind our readers that the charlotte’s main object of education is to convert a rebellious woman in a submissive girl … And for have this sometimes she need spanking lesson! The road is long and full of punishments. This is […]

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The implement and the result

The implement of punishment after being used over the charlotte’s bare butt.¬†She likes to pose in various poses for me to take these pictures. She’s a bit of an exhibitionist and that pleases me.

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Stay fit with spanking training

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Via : Military training for his wife

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Exhibition Night on the bridge

Hard discipline… Or Bridge apparently painted recently

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Six of the best

Cute marks of the last punishment to my obedient wife charlotte!. This time six of the best in her bare buttocks outdoors.

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