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Brutal Spanking Gets Naughty Teen Into Obediant Little Girl

Posted by Enzo on September 8, 2013 – 3:01 am

There is only one thing worse than getting a harsh spanking treatment from your mom or dad, and that is if they are both inflicting the brutal pain on her juicy derriere. This young brunette teen found things out the hard way, and got a really wild punishment for telling lies and trying to get away with it. The strict domestic discipline got her into the hands of her strict parents, who took her out on the porch and were ready to give her some bare spanking. JOIN the heat and enjoy each forceful lash she takes on her white silky ass, that gets her scarred and screaming out from pain and shock.
Harsh Spanking

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As the treatment continues, she will have her pants and panties falling to her ankles, and will grab onto the table for support, trying to endure the repetitive blows. The brutal spanking will continue in turn, and her mom and dad rotate around to see who can make her finally fess up to her actions. Once the beautiful chick with her juicy round ass gets covered in large red stripes, she will finally starts shivering and crying out for mercy. WATCH the video and see the harsh spanking get her broken into an obedient young teen.