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Hard Caning whipping in his white ass

After bare ass spanked

Severe ass bruised after bare butt spanked with hooden paddle.


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Whipping scene from The Ramrodder (1969)

Whipping scene with Kathy Williams from The Ramrodder (1969). An indian maiden is stripped and punished with the lash – See it on spanking animated gifs

Whipping scene from Ramrodder

Watch the whipping scene on Spanking Videos

Summary: “Cowboy on his way to visit his sweetheart, encounters a bevy of beautiful Indian maidens and dallies with one of them. Later, when one of the girls is murdered by a passing no-good, the tribe falsely blames the cowboy and sentences him to die. But the chief’s daughter with whom the cowbody dallied, has other ideas.” The movie is a classic BDSM damsel in distress with a beautiful Indian maiden being tied from a tree and whipped. Interesting also is that this movie is more famous for where it was filmed – the Spahn’s Ranch in Chatsworth, Ca, (home of the Manson Family) than for the story itself and in fact, several of the Manson family members appear in this movie. There is also some confusion on who is the nude woman being whipped and the credits indicate it is Kathy Williams which Hank confirms. As is often the case with many BDSM oriented movies made during this period, this filmed was banned in most countries.

Whipping scene from Ramrodder Read More…

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Two schoolgirl under sereveral discipline

Two schoolgirl get severe paddled and caned discipline for disobeying rules in fron to other students – Via : Russian Discipline

hard caning

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Russian disciplineHard Paddling for Schoolgirl bare assSchoolgirl getting spankingCaned bare buttocks

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The road of pain leads to sanctuary of pleasure

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The road of pain leads to sanctuary of pleasure – Slave girl tied, naked and getting ful body strapping on her naked skin.
whipped brunette

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The whip day

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Erotic BDSM photography, Naked slave girl awaiting her whip punishment.

awaiting for a whipping

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